Finally, Friendship Between BTS x NewJeans 

HYBE family, saranghae!

NewJeans BTS Minji Hyein j-hope Danielle Hanni Haerin Suga Jungkook RM Jimin V Jin Min Heejin Bang Sihyuk BIGHIT ADOR HYBEFam HYBESarangdan


1. [+94][-44] Friendship?Bullshxt LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

2. [+78][-23] That must be so damn cool, to have world-class sunbaes….

3. [+60][-44] KingTS KingJeans *shook*

4. [+54][-17] Did they finally meet

5. [+50][-61] I want to see more of NewJeans and Bangtan together in the future