No But Like, TXT…

I ended up becoming a fan of them in the end

Like, their comeback activities are over already, but I watched all their stage performances, I watched the ‘Devil by the Window’ Special Performance Video, and I ended up falling in love with them and joining the fandom.

The gap between their comebacks is quite long, but to be honest, it seems like their agency releases a lot of content even during their inactive periods, so I don’t think I’ll be bored (while waiting for their next comeback)

They’re gonna make another comeback this year right??

I’m a fan of Huening Kai, and I’m going to try to enjoy fangirling this time 

Hueningie is really so goddamn cute, for real

If you have cute/cool pics of Hueningie, please share them!!


1. [+13][-0] Ningdungdan (Huening Kai biased MOA)!!! ‘Dear Sputnik’ is a song that was produced by Huening Kai when he was 20, so definitely check it out!!!!! I really hope you recognise that Hueningie is someone who is good at all kinds of instruments, has perfect pitch, and is serious about writing lyrics, composing songs, and producing music in general. I’ll be a lil bit sad if you only know that he has a handsome face.

2. [+13][-0] Annyeong!!! Peekaboo~ Hueningie

3. [+12][-1] If your bias is Hueningie, I’d think you’re an eolbba (sucker for pretty/handsome faces), and it’s true that he’s handsome, but he’s really the real g – his personality is really, really, really, really adorable, and it’s not because he’s tryna act cute, he’s just really lovely ㅠㅠㅠ Even though he’s a ‘230 cm tall’ hot guy, it’s so lovely how he ‘pomeranian-lights’ (word play with ‘gaslight’) himself, arghhh

4. [+12][-0] Uri cutie maknae

5. [+12][-0] I’m also a Huening stan. Come to Pann fantalk!! Welcome to the fandom~