But Seriously THough, BTS V’s Face is Really…

Really really good-looking, no? I don’t know why it’s really just on Pann where people go into hysterics whenever there’s a post about V looking handsome… Honestly, even just in our school, Cha Eunwoo vs V is just a matter of preferences. Everyone acknowledges that they are both heavenly. Even in the namcho (male-dominated) community, when they have to choose between Cha Eunwoo’s face and V’s face, they’re like ‘how am I meant to make a choice’. But here and only here, it enervates me when I see people shitting on V’s visuals so bad.. Even if he really looks that bad (which is not true), it’s not like your faves are better looking, so why are you being so harsh on V only? So damn speechless.


1. [+138][-69] It’s Pann after all…. And V is the most popular idol at the moment.

2. [+136][-82] A one and only face in the idol industry

3. [+122][-65] Shitting on V…..? Pann is really a strange world. People criticise my fave too much, so I come here often to take a peek, but it looks like there are loads of lunatics here, so don’t worry, because people who’ve worked hard in life won’t act that way… 

4. [+116][-55] People just feel inferior. Look at it this way, he’s treated as a super handsome guy in real life. 

5. [+110][-65] Seriously, V is super good-looking keke V is basically one of the best-looking keke Those who criticise V’s looks are just BTS akgaes keke They don’t just diss his looks, they diss literally everything about V LOL