List Of Genius Idols Chosen By A Long-Time K-Pop Fan

I’m going in reverse chronological order based on their debut dates!


2. TWICE Sana

3. TWICE Nayeon

4. BTS Jimin

5. BTS V

6. BTS Jungkook

7. EXO Baekhyun

8. miss A Suzy

9. SHINee Taemin

10. SNSD Taeyeon

11. SNSD Yoona

12. BIGBANG G-Dragon

There’s just no way I could pick only one from TWICE, BTS and SNSD.. ㅠㅠ 

Search: BLACKPINK Jennie BTS V Jungkook Jimin TWICE Sana Nayeon EXO Baekhyun miss A Suzy SHINee Taemin SNSD Yoona Taeyeon BIGBANG G-Dragon


1. [+630][-308] Jungkookie really has everything – vocals, rap, visuals, charm. He’s a genius mannyeon-dol (once in 10,000 years idol)

2. [+524][-128] Jungkook ♡

3. [+67][-53] I agree with Taeyeon, SaNayeon, Baekhyun and Jennie.

4. [+57][-27] The person who appears when you search genius idol on Google is god-Baekhyun.

5. [+34][-9] Sana and Jimin.

6. [+33][-9] Baekhyunie.

7. [+21][-17] V ❤