He’s really someone whom EXO cannot survive without.

EXO Suho Kim Junmyeon


1. [+153][-5] Kim Junmyeon really knows everything including things I wish he didn’t know, and he’s always thanking us. It makes my heart ache… Normally he would just say it’s a rumor that’s not important, but aggros are not letting him go because of KJD and this even went on the news. He was worried about fans that’s why he came to give an update. I love him to death. So please, KJD please leave EXO…

2. [+118][-4] Fans dgaf about those rumors because we know from the very beginning, Suho treasures EXO and he’s gonna sacrifice himself to protect EXO kekeke


3. [+102][-2] This is the lyrics of Suho’s fan-song ‘Made in You’.

I, I’m made by you

The reason I shine

Is because the sun called you looks at me

4. [+54][-1] Kim Junmyeon really knows about everything.
5. [+42][-0] Ahh Kim Jongdae is seriously so fxxking annoying kekeke ㅠ Why is he not quitting the group?