Jang Wonyoung and Kim Chaewon Caught Holding Hands and Talking to Each Other Today

Cute kekekeke


1. [+124][-2] To begin with, it’s actually funny how people try to drive a wedge between them when they used to be promoting in the same group in the past for 3 years 

2. [+92][-4] Genuinely, haven’t seen these people since the IZ*ONE era yet they’re still trying to drive a wedge between the members

3. [+80][-4] I liked Kim Chaewon and Jang Wonyoung even during the IZ*ONE era too… Aren’t they both really adorable?? I feel sorry for them, they’re being hated on by Pann all day long with people tryna drive a wedge between them. Girls, hwaiting!

4. [+28][-0] Stop tryna come between them, jeez

5. [+23][-12] SsamJangz (Chaewon x Wonyoung) ❤️