He’s called Jin-ssaem keke

Hair stylist leader-nim Jin is styling Jungkook’s hair

Maknae who’s never been so satisfied before.

If there was a mad scientist, will they look like this?


1. [+417][-13] Since this is on Talkers’ Choice, anyone who’s gonna help make this the top comment? If you like this comment, only good things are going to happen to you today.

2. [+290][-12] If you think there are times when the madnae-maknae (eldest and youngest) are like real siblings, like this comment~♡

3. [+143][-2] Both of them are really good-looking right.

4. [+133][-163] Why is he getting bigger and looking more like an ahjumma… ㅠ

5. [+69][-1] Seokjin’s cute baby kangaroo.

6. [+57][-7] Madnae-maknae

7. [+53][-16] V and Jin seem to be the visuals in BTS now…Although RM looks a lot more good-looking compared to before, he’s not the visual.

8. [+53][-1] Madnae-maknae = love, right?

9. [+52][-14] Seeing this again, I still think he looks like an iguana who’s gained weight. 

10. [+51][-7] The difference in proportions of madnae-maknae.

11. [+51][-1] Cuties