You’re Telling Me Son Naeun is Good at Acting? LOLL

Seriously, please stop saying funny things

I was surprised to see the teaser this time. Including Son Naeun to ruin a drama that’s near success LMAOOO

My screenshot might’ve been a horrible one, but sorry I did my best already ㅜ

Sure, since only the teaser has been released, let’s talk about it after watching the drama


1. [+51][-10] It is agreed that she’s better than Jisoo, not that she’s good at acting.

2. [+33][-17] Stop the inferiority complex that’s making you feel jealous of Son Naeun. The teaser is the only thign that’s out so far.

3. [+29][-20] I like Son Naeun when she’s acting

4. [+28][-6] No but like, it’s only the teaser that’s been released for now, no? LOLLLLLLLL

5. [+28][-6] She only appeared for a few seconds though