I always knew she’s tall but I never knew her proportions were this good..

The dress looks all sewn up but she still slayed in it.. It’s so amazing how much effort she puts into keeping fit. Meanwhile she’s fxxking beautiful..


1. [+127][-12] She does work hard in keeping fit but her whole physique is seriously born for being a celebrity. 

2. [+105][-32] Seriously, isn’t she a coke bottle?

apink son nauen pretty

3. [+64][-10] Fxxking pretty.

4. [+46][-7] I’m a follower of Son Naeun’s Instagram account, and everytime she posts I feel like she really isn’t good at taking selfies. Could it be because pretty people are not desperate to make themselves look good.. She looks way more beautiful in pictures taken by other people. ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+39][-13] She’s pretty but am I the only one who thinks she looks way better before her plastic surgery.

6. [+35][-5] How did such a cute person become so chic?

7. [+15][-2] The dress suits her well too. ㅋㅋ

8. [+13][-5] I saw Son Naeun in real life and she’s really cute.