Seems Like SM’s New Girl Group is an 8-Member Group

I thought they wouldn’t disclose anything about their trainees before their debut anymore ever since aespa came along, but they seem to be revealing the male rookies bit by bit again. Is Na Haeun 1 of the 8 there?


1. [+339][-9] I think they should release a boy group at this time. Girl groups are so outstanding right now… I think it’s possible to become a top-tier boy group now if they include at least one hot topic among other super good-looking and talented ones, attract the public’s attention and pick their songs well. However, the concept of adding an unlimited number of members is a big no no×××× Maybe about 5 people, and it would be even better if their songs are like SHINee’s songs. Am I the only one who thinks like this…?? I think it would be better to release a girl group 3 years later.

2. [+188][-0] Don’t know. Because this is the entertainment industry where they do that to turn things upside down

3. [+165][-0] I’ve never seen a single trainee out of those that SM talks about like this who really ended up debuting. We’ll have to see later to know for sure. They always turn things upside down like that.

4. [+97][-0] But these days, debuting with as few members as possible is the trend(?) so I don’t think it’ll be an 8-member group, that’s too many people

5. [+58][-0] I think they’ll only debut after aespa has been around for enough years though… Like when Na Haeun becomes an unnie.