Wow, Han Sohee’s Fxxking Gorgeous

She’s so damn beautiful….


1. [+29][-10] The prettiest actress in her 20s..

2. [+24][-0] Wow… she doesn’t have a standard beauty kind of face, but how is she so so so pretty. Looking at Han Sohee, it’s more about her aura rather than her facial features… 

3. [+23][-1] I came in thinking ‘yea ofc she’s pretty’, but I was surprised because she’s prettier than I thought.

4. [+22][-2] She’s really my wannabe… How can one’s face look like this

5. [+16][-7] She’s like Jun Jihyun x Kim Taehee x Song Hyekyo x Han Yeseul – that kind of level. She’s #1 among those in their 20s, no?