Wow, Han Sohee’s Lost a Lot of Weight

My ‘diet stimulus’ has come;

Even if I don’t have Han Sohee’s proportions, height, facial features, no nothing, I still feel like going on a diet


1. [+96][-2] The first pic was when she gained 10kg for a drama.

2. [+87][-2] Han Sohee seems to look good skinny, because she has a strong decadent look 

3. [+76][-1] Wow, she went from skinny to fxxking skinny.. Seems like beauty standards in the entertainment industry are tending towards fxxking skinny figures these days.

4. [+34][-1] Wasn’t the first pic when she put on weight on purpose? Even before her debut, Han Sohee seems to have always been fxxking skinny

5. [+15][-1] Still super duper gorgeous even after gaming 10kg for the drama ‘My Name’ haha