Do You Know What’s Actually Scary About Depression?

It’s the fact that even people who got better from their depression can’t sympathise with the way people with depression think,,

I also suffered from severe depression before. I tried committing suicide several times a day, thinking that I wanted to die every time I breathed. Now I’m fine, but every time I listen to a friend who has depression, I don’t understand why they’re like that and I feel frustrated.

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who can understand patients with depression.


1. [+103][-2] This is true. That’s why it gets worse. Depressed patients want to be understood, but even people who have suffered from depression in the past can’t understand them… Then they feel more lonely, and it becomes a vicious cycle 

2. [+90][-1] For real…… My depression relapses, then gets better, then relapses again periodically. But really, when it gets better, I wonder why I was like that back then – it really amazes me. I don’t even remember what I was like back then.

3. [+83][-2] But it’s a damn hard job for the person beside the patient to take in all that… If I were to do that every day, I think I’ll suffer from a mental illness as well. I’ll get depressed too, it’s tough.

4. [+67][-0] Not even I know why I’m like this, how can someone else know.. hah makes me think it’s really a mental ‘illness’

5. [+25][-2] Not being born is the greatest blessing. It’s painful.