Isn’t Le Sserafim Kazuha Seriously Really Pretty?

Few days ago, I kept watching the LE SSERAFIM’s performance for ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ on M COUNTDOWN, and I kept searching Kazuha up because she looked so damn pretty, and I was about to become a fan already. It’s been a while but I came onto Pann just to have a look and I was surprised to see quite a lot of posts saying Kazuha’s visuals are meh and whether people find her pretty or not really depends on their type. She’s freaking gorgeous though, is she really meh? Is it because people aren’t familiar with her face yet? Why though? She’s really pretty though… She’s soft and gentle, her tone is cute because she’s still not good at Korean, her body is beautiful because she does ballet. I thought she has the knid of face that everyone would agree is pretty no matter what people’s preferences are though.


1. [+60][-9] Pann’s always been super critical of innocent-looking female idols kekeke I like her face too because it’s elegant and rare. Especially her smile, it’s no joke. Maybe it’s because she’s just pretty, but her GIFs are freaking gorgeous too.

2. [+37][-4] She’s freaking gorgeous. I say she’s pretty because I genuinely think she’s super pretty based on my standards. But whenever I write any comments like this, people say it’s viral marketing and it fxxking pisses me off.

3. [+25][-4] This level of beauty in a press photo… She has overflowing charm because she looks innocent and super pretty, but her tone is so damn cute.

4. [+24][-5] Seeeriously suuuperpretty ㅠㅠㅜ

5 [+13][-3] She definitely has the kinda face that people don’t get tired of