But There’s Really a Lot of K-pop Japanese Members Who Have Gotten Double Eyelid Surgery




Japanese people, and of course our own netizens as well, are always outraged and going after any Korean female idols who’s gotten plastic surgery, criticising them.

Why is it that no one dares to talk about Japanese female idols in K-pop who have gotten double eyelid surgery and turned over a new leaf kekeke

Also, Korean female idols who are natural beauties with big eyes get complimented saying they look like Japanese

But in fact, all Japanese female idols in K-pop have gotten double eyelid surgery before..

From now on, there’s no need for Koreans to help out with any public opinion manipulation involving Japanese people who think they have big eyes after secretly getting double eyelid surgery 


1. [+194][-11] For real, Japanese people get a fxxk ton of plastic surgery done but they pretend they don’t, it’s really too much. The ratio of double eyelids in Japan is similar to that of Korea, but celebrities and Instagram models all have thick outfolds kekeke It’s really hard to see women with monolids on Japanese TV

2. [+146][-15] I can’t see Momo’s current face in this pic

3. [+137][-2] Koreans think we can be pretty even if we have monolisd, but Japanese people like glamorous looks with big eyes, so they think it’s only when they have double eyelids that they’re pretty. That’s why a lot of them get double eyelid since primary school, and a lot of parents make their kids get double eyelids too.. Their obsession with double eyelids is just different from us.

4. [+96][-18] You’re telling me this is Sana?

5. [+84][-74] I don’t know about other idols, but this is not true for Sana. Was it during ‘Cheer Up’? Anw, there’s evidence of her having monolids in the morning because she was tired, and in the afternoon it turned into double eyelids again.