NCT Lee Taeyong and Nayuta

This is the post that was on Talkers’ Choice, but it got removed because of a broadcasting station logo… I just wanna brag about their fxxking dope visual combo to everyone.. For some reason these lunatics didn’t come over and I was pretty damn happy haaㅜ Any kind friends who can leave some comments again… if not then forget about it..

+ Y’all are really so kind…

Taeyong and Yuta, aka Yuki Taeki.. Their images are super similar, that’s why I always got confused back when I wasn’t a fan yet.. Haa can’t write this anymore cus I’m feeling a huge reality shock, just have a look at their visuals before you leave…

But there’s no way anyone can like their faces only, they’re really the real g..

By the way, Jungwoo, Johnny and Yuta went to Everland together kekeke

++Oh right, I found a super dope pic in the comments under the post that got removed. Someone said they look like a 3D character and a 2D character..


1. [+47][-1] They’re also each other’s self-esteem protectorsㅠ Whenever Yuta feels discouraged because of language barriers, Taeyong notices first and goes up to him to give him advice. Because of Taeyong’s personality, his self-esteem always drops.. And whenever that happens, Yuta compliments him and tells him all day long ‘you’re doing great in everything, everything’s going well’.. Everyone, please ship Yuki Taeki..

2. [+42][-0] Yuki Taeki said themselves that their relationship is ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ ㅜㅜ

3. [+39][-1] There are a lot of fans in Japan who like these two.

4. [+33][-0] I’ll upload this

5. [+30][-0] Yuki Taeki is so gorgeous