Le Sserafim Huh Yunjin’s Aura is Legendary


1. [+124][-0] I didn’t know during Produce 48, but LE SSERAFIM’s styling suits Huh Yunjin really well. Healthy beauty ╋ High teen

2. [+80][-0] It’s a godsend that she ditched her short hair. This was from 4 years ago, but she looks older back then than she does now…. And it wasn’t a nice-looking short haircut either, it’s the kind that makes you look old ㅠ

3. [+72][-1] Huh Yunjin is fxxking pretty… She’s really my type

4. [+66][-1] I really didn’t realise Huh Yunjin’s pretty during ‘Fearless’ and Produce 48. She kinda looked old. It’s true that she’s pretty, though she wasn’t like an idol. But I really got slapped real hard when ‘Antifragile’ came out. She looked super pretty and the styling suits her perfectly, seriously… She’s not lacking in anything – appearance, physique, skills – she has the ambition too.

5. [+43][-0] Huh Yunjin is really the typical queen card (very pretty) style that girls like. She fits that description the most among all idols.