In This Pic, Kazuha is The Male Lead vs Huh Yunjin is The Male Lead

There are loads of pics of the 3 of them that look so much like webtoon material, which seemd to have caused a stir.

Huh Yunjin is the male lead vs Kazuha is the male lead

What do you think? I…


1. [+74][-0] Huh Yunjin needs to be the sub for it to be fun

2. [+45][-0] Among the 2, Huh Yunjin is the more proactive one, but because Kazuya is the soft and gentle one, Kazuha is the main.

3. [+32][-0] Huh Yunjin who is sorry to Kim Chaewon needs to act cool and pat her head telling her it’s okay.

4. [+19][-0] Fxxk, of course it’s Kazuha, no?? Black-haired male lead is the way to go, guys..

5. [+19][-3] But the 3 of them look so damn good together. Glamorous ╋ Cute ╋ Innocent