Guys, If Your Girlfriend is Insanely Pretty…

Former – Would you wanna show her off and introduce her to your friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers?

Latter – Conversely, would you wanna hide her in your house forever so that only you’ll get to see her because it’s a waste to share her?


1. [+89][-13] If a girl has a boyfriend who is capable, good-looking and cool, would she just keep him to herself so she can look at him alone? As soon as they start dating, she’s gonna brag about him to her friends, siblings and parents first things first. And she’s gonna call the guy the person she’s gonna marry ㅋ.ㅋ

2. [+86][-43] It seems to be a difference in personality. Can’t really say it’s definitely the former. No generalising. My boyfriend treasures me a lot, but he’s very cautious when it comes to other people because he hates it when people judge me. I feel like that’s the case, that’s why I can’t say it’s the former for sure.

3. [+86][-6] If they’re insanely pretty, of course I’m gonna brag about her

4. [+75][-13] Hiding is sus. Acting like you don’t have a girlfriend to others.

5. [+44][-1] It’s different depending on personality. But I’ve seen a lot of cases where the guy’s like the former at first,