Apparently This is TWICE Jihyo’s Younger Sister – She’s So My Type..

Apparently this is TWICE Jihyo’s younger sister.. They look kinda alike but also kinda not.. 

She sorta has a different charm from her sister.

Anyway, those big eyes must run in this family ㅠ Even if I just take a quick glance, she has the kind of face that will attract many fans. Is she about to make her debut??


1. [+88][-0] Legendary genes. Jihyo looks much prettier irl – I’ve seen.

2. [+42][-0] Heol, now that I think about her younger sister, she turned into an adult now. In the past, Jihyo would always talk about her younger sister during VLIVEs and her sister would get mad at her ㅠㅠ kekekekekekeke ONCEs know everything about Jihyo’s younger sisters’ adolescence kekekekekeke

3. [+42][-2] Their genes are great indeed…

4. [+42][-2] Shelooks like her sister, but she also doesn’t look like her. She’s pretty.

5. [+28][-0] She looks kinda like a mix between Jihyo ╋ Go Minsi (SK model and actress)