Am I The Only One Who Thinks NMIXX Haewon Is Damn Pretty?

This was taken with a basic rear cam. She’s really fxxking gorgeous.


1. [+152][-9] She only gets criticised on Pann.

2. [+85][-12] I thought she was freaking pretty too, but I was surprised how harshly Pann criticises her.

3. [+78][-9] She’s damn pretty that’s correct, but I feel like people don’t think she’s pretty because she has more of a hoonnyeo face (warm/healing- looking). Everyone find those who have an idol/actress kind of face (like An Yujin) pretty.

4. [+59][-5] She debuted as a female idol because she’s fxxking pretty

5. [+21][-17] Her face aside, but I think she’s not as good as ordinary people… Her body proportions are too….