NMIXX Sullyoon Said She’s Won a Pretty Baby Contest kekekeke

https://youtu.be/-vz615qyW50 < She said it here

My mom said she signed me up for a ‘Pretty Baby Contest’ when I was a kid. 

She told me I won the contest and received prize and cash.

She was a pretty kid who grew up and became a pretty adult..♡

+ She’s a god baby who didn’t even go through adolescence hahahaha



Did adolescence ever happen to me?


Is this an interview?

Nope, in your case not really ~~

Apart from you saying you’re gonna become an idol kekekeke

But still our Yoonah was a good kid kekekeke

You were going through the life of a trainee, but I said you still have to study and sent you to an academy kekeke

You hated having to do both,

But you pushed through and worked hard ~~~


1. [+110][-1] Can definitely understand (why she won)

2. [+74][-2] At this point, I get curious about her parents’ visuals. How can she be so pretty since birth?

3. [+73][-3] If she looked like that, it would be weirder if she didn’t win.

4. [+37][-2] She’s freaking pretty 

5. [+28][-0] Sullyoon said her father is handsome. He’s over 180cm tall.. I bet her younger sis and bro are also freaking pretty and handsome.