Looks Like Le Sserafim Kazuha Became Etude House’s Model


1. [+217][-9] Isn’t it Kim Doah right now?? Kim Doah suits (Etude House) a lot better though. Kinda feel like Kazuha suits Innisfree and Nature Republic more.

2. [+195][-0] Personally, I wish they could switch with Innisfree kekeke Like, Jang Wonyoung for Etude House and Kazuha for Innisfree.. If y’all agree then forget about it..

3. [+189][-2] ‘Guess Who?’ – what bs. They just revealed it all kekekekeke So damn funny LOL

4. [+171][-12] I think Sakura and Hong Eunchae would suit better.

5. [+146][-8] Doesn’t Sakura suit Etude House more kekekeke Kazuha is totally more Innisfree kind of vibe…