Kep1er’s Comeback This Time

I’m kinda looking forward to it after seeing the teaser tho? They all look really pretty and the song seems decent too.. I really hope this comeback goes well because they worked really hard this year!!

Kep1er Choi Yujin Xiaoting Mashiro Kim Chaehyun Kim Dayeon Hikaru Huening Bahiyyih Seo Youngeun Kang Yeseo Comeback


1. [+31][-3] Please come to your senses. It’s really embarrassing.

2. [+19][-3] I’m looking forward to it as it seems to be much better than the previous album.

3. [+18][-4] Kang Yeseo is as pretty as a doll

4. [+14][-3] Looking forward to the concept

5. [+9][-2] Dating rumor involving Kep1er (Kim Dayeon) brokeout