Let’s Try Writing Down Characteristics of People You Wanna Become Friends With

For me: a friend who reacts well to what I say!

Also, I’m keeping an eye on all the topic suggestions in the comments, so if there’s a particular topic you wanna see, please leave a comment.

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1. [+146][-2] I don’t like people who only pretend to be nice in the beginning and once we become a bit closer they cross the line,, I just like people who are always kind

2. [+140][-2] A carefree friend who seems to have no energy, but stealthily says funny things

3. [+122][-3] A friend who expresses their thank you’s and sorry’s clearly

4. [+111][-1] A polite friend who doesn’t cross the line no matter what they do…

5. [+49][-4] Easy-going friends.. The kind of friend who talks cooly, doesn’t hold grudges, doesn’t cross the line, says what they need to say, and doesn’t have a sense of inferiority.