NMIXX Sullyoon’s 4 High Notes? Am I the Only One Who Got Goosebumps?

No but is this possible..? It’s 4 high notes though, 4 high notes. But yea her vocal tone is fxxking amazing in other songs too.. Wonder if it’s a b-side? I was seriously so surprised keke

I saved these pics because she’s pretty

(Video is not in original post.)


1. [+93][-3] Meanwhile, all the photos you saved are press photos kekeke

2. [+84][-2] Ha…. Seolyoon really doesn’t act proud of her pretty face. Why is she good at every thing? I fxxking love her. Saranghae forever

3. [+79][-2] For real though, I thought it was Lily too. Lily is good, Seolyun is good too, they’re all good *shook*

4. [+60][-2] Mhmmmmm me too… I got goosebumps because her vocals were freaking strong and solid

5. [+42][-2] She’s really an all-rounded idol..