ENHYPEN Park Sunghoon IRL During the Concert…

Park Sunghoon looks fxxking amazing irl. The more he sweats, the softer he looks – seriously??? After seeing Park Sunghoon irl, I only think of him. I’ve been curious for a long time since people have always said good stuff in their repo, and when I actually saw him f2f, he’s really……..



1. [+64][-5] Tbh, even the pics in the post can’t capture his beauty fully, even I feel unfair for him, fxxk. If you see Park Sunghoon irl, his face is so tiny that there’s no such thing as empty space. Last time I went to their Music Bank pre-recording and the moment Park Sunghoon came in, everyone around me started murmuring ‘those proportions tho..’ And it’s sad how he looks so different irl compared to what the monitoring camera screen on the side shows. How can the camera not capture that beauty and aura of him.

2. [+55][-4] No, of course it’s real… ENHYPHEN Sunghoon’s beauty irl is really legendary…

3. [+53][-4] I feel like I’m consistently hearing about Park Sunghoon looking amazing irl, but he deserves it,,,

4. [+50][-9] I love him so badly. It just ended up that way.

5. [+46][-10] I want to see him too… fxxk