Are NCT Mark & Doyoung’s Visuals on ‘Killing Voice’ Real?

Haaa Mark Lee, have you gone mad? I was really so surprised while watching

I think it’s because he’s always dressed in a hip (?) / fancy style, that’s why black hair + basic styling is driving me crazy. Please style him like this every day. Don’t go hardcore, just do it like this. He’s really so damn good-looking.

And I was surprised by Doyoung too – he looked so good as well

Just the 2 of them standing together and taking turns on the mic singing. If you look at my screenshots, Mark and Doyoung takes up almost 80%. They’re just too good-looking.. Haaa

+) Our 127 whose live singing is fxxking awesome

Additionally# People keep saying I’m comparing other members to my bias, so I removed the part about my bias. So many unpleasant people twisting the story; I even changed the title, so if people make a fuss in the comments again, then y’all are just forcing it ㅜㅜ I’m gonna take it that way~~ Thank you everyone!! for your interestㅜ Our 127, let’s hit big!


1. [+116][-1] Moon Taeil, Mark Lee, Kim Doyoung – please come back to Killing Voice and do a solo

2. [+88][-1] Really, Mark is super good-looking and good at rapping too. This is really fxxking insane. He had stars in his eyes. 

3. [+87][-1] No but like Mark Lee was especially good-looking on KilVo.

4. [+66][-1] Black hair for the whole group, lezgo – SM, are you watching?

5. [+48][-1] I’m not a K-pop fan, but Mark’s rap is really good. Honestly you can’t diss his skills, for real.