Park Misun Said IVE Jang Wonyoung is the Celebrity of Celebrities

Is Cha Eunwoo also like a celeb in the eyes of celebs?

‘Ahh~ That kind of people should be a celeb’

I think Jang Wonyoung made me feel that way too

She’s been a celebrity for 35 years, so she must’ve seen all kinds of celebrities in real life.

If she says this, then.. *shook*


1. [+40][-8] A fxxking goddess

3. [+34][-7] Even though she’s a celeb who’s acknowledged by a celeb, Pann-nyeos are so savage and always critising her with nonsense. As expected, the truth is that celebs gain popularity from being dissed on Pann.

4. [+25][-4] She has a fxxking pretty face too, but her physique is crazy if you watch her fancams. She’s really non-human.

5. [+18][-4] People critise her too severely, but fighting