I really think Jungwoo looks good with his pink hair. I was watching without much thought but I ended up taking screenshots because he’s too handsome.


1. [+64][-3] I’ve never really been interested in them too but right before NCT U made their comeback I became a fan and I have no regrets, I love them so much.

2. [+59][-0] There’s really no hair color that doesn’t suit Jungwoo. He’s beautiful no matter what hair color he has.

3. [+58][-0] Ta-da

4. [+28][-0] I like Jungwoo’s basic brown hair haha If he goes back to brown hair after 2021 is over, we’re really gonna see a whole truck of Jungwoo fans sobbing real hard.

5. [+26][-0] Pink-but-not-really-pink hair era in the past.