How is BLACKPINK’s New Song ‘Shut Down’?


1. [+585][-78] The part ‘pull down the shutter lock the door, shut down’ is really fxxking awesome.. This is what you call BLACKPINK kekeke

2. [+545][-66] I personally like it better than ‘Pink Venom’ .. !!!! The sampling is so damn perfect ㅜ I like it

3. [+472][-52] I was a little confused at first, but after listening to it a few times, I think I understand why it’s used as the title track.

4. [+468][-26] It must be difficult for BLACKPINK with every concept. Expectations are so high kekekeke

5. [+437][-33] I gave it a listen just because BLACKPINK released something that other girl groups can’t and I liked it. Obviously aside from that factor, the song itself is good too.