Have You Seen BLACKPINK’s ‘Shut Down’ Teaser??

Apparently the song is a sampling of ‘La Campanella’

I really can’t guess what kind of song it’s gonna be, for real kekekeke

Didn’t know they would just use the same melody..


1. [+136][-23] The part with Rosé’s vocals really gave me freaking goosebumps

2. [+135][-24] Rosé’s voice is defo taking the lead

3. [+110][-11] I did hear about it being a sampling and wow, the moment I heard it I really got goosebumps. It made me wanna hear the full song asap…

4. [+88][-14] It’s bs when people say they’re self-replicating. No other girl group makes as many new attempts as BLACKPINK does every single time on a spot so high.

5. [+64][-3] There’s really a need to change their MV director. Maybe it’s because he’s always filming the same things over and over again, that’s why their MVs all feel exactly the same.