She dyed her hair black again yesterday.

Her biker jacket’s beautiful so I searched it up and it’s from Dior.. Oh well..

I watched the video and people kept on crowding towards her so she kept on telling everyone to be careful.. sweet girl.

Check out the video, she’s responding to all the fans and the reporters.


1. [+92][-2] Such a beauty and yet she left this super cute message

Jisoo came and went

2. [+75][-5] I’m so in love with Jisoo-unnie in that biker jacket today. I really love her so much *sobs* ㅠㅠ Her sense is 10 out of 10.

3. [+68][-5] Jisoo suits black hair the most.

4. [+36][-4] It was just a split second but….. I loved it so much…. Cold beauty.

5. [+34][-2] For real, it’s clear that Jisoo looks prettiest with black hair… *trembles* Her facial features stand out more and her skin looks clearer.

6. [+29][-2] Because of Corona, I can’t see pretty faces properly hm….

7. [+24][-2] ♡♡♡

8. [+18][-1] She’s so f**king cute ㅋㅋ