Personally, there are 2 female idols whom I think are fxxking good at their facial expressions on stage.



ITZY Ryujin…

It’s not a wink but she has this iconic squinty-eye expression… When she does that it she looks fxxking classy.

It hits when she uses her tongue and lips so well… That’s really cool.

Seriously when I look at their facial expressions, I clearly get why they’re the centres of huge groups like BLACKPINK and ITZY, and I understand why they’re popular even among other fandoms and non-fans… If they’re this good, they must have put in a lot of effort into studying facial expressions right? That’s really impressive… 


1. [+62][-4] They didn’t study it, they’re natural-born. If it was from practice it would be really obvious it’s forced.

2. [+37][-2] From their faces to their mannerisms on stage, these 2 are just natural-born…

3. [+33][-2] Yea, only people who are good at facial expressions do the squinty eye thing… 2NE1 CL did that too.

4. [+20][-4] This is really cool. It’s like you can see a lot of different facial expressions in this one GIF.

5. [+19][-5] Agreed.

6. [+14][-3] This Ryujin was legendary… You can see a range of facial expressions in one moment.

7. [+13][-2] The look in her eyes is dope.

8. [+13][-2] When she squints her eyes ㅠㅠ fxxking fxxking agree.

9. [+11][-2] The look in her eyes is really amazing….

10. [+11][-4] Jennie’s Music Core ‘Pretty Savage’ fancam is fxxking interesting to watch.

11. [+10][-2] They really deserve to be the centres.