Karina’s Visuals kekekekekeke

Made it onto Talkers’ Choice~ These GIFs are insane so please watch 10 times hahaha!!!!!!!!

I’m speechless because she’s too pretty and ethereal kekeke


I saw this in the comments haha Apparently that’s from her last year of junior high in May, and also press pics of her.


1. [+015][-28] Just from watching aespa on ‘The Manager’ I could tell Karina’s pretty. Especially when she had her hair tied up, she looked super pure…

2. [+86][-26] Ahh geez, my mobile data is slow so the first GIF appeared still and I thought it’s a pic. I thought it’s just a pic with too much editing by fans, but turns out it’s a GIF kekekekeke Insane, she’s so fxxking pretty… Can’t believe that’s a face appearing on a show with none of her facial features photoshopped at all. She’s super pretty, for real.

3. [+46][-8] Insane…

4. [+30][-4] People who are suspecting these are photoshopped, go check out her Music Core ‘Girls’ vertical fancam kekekeke Music Core’s fancam director caught a close-up shot of Karina’s face for the ending and it’s insane

5. [+29][-2] Can’t deny her beauty this comeback. I think her visuals are peak.