I’m talking about the very unique and uncommon kind of faces, you know, the type that will never come back??

Aespa Karina

The first time I saw her, I felt like there was something so mysterious, enchanting and unrealistic about her. She’s really like an Ai.


She really really looks like a cat, a cat that’s both feisty and cute at the same time.

F(X) Sulli

I don’t think a face like this well ever appear on an idol again ㅠㅠ

Innocent, pretty and yet like a fully ripe peach.

Blackpink Jennie

Just….uncommon and f**king beautiful.

Twice Nayeon

She looks like a first fruit in the spring, sweet and sour (in a refreshing way).

ITZY Ryujin

She’s the most handsome among female idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ a multi-faceted member who would do well in any group.

IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung

I was shocked when I first saw her because she was so pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I get hit by reality whenever I think about how she’s actually still a baby.

Red Velvet Seulgi

Needless to say, her uniqueness is incomparable. I saved this gif the moment I saw it like I was possessed.


1. [+6][-3] I love you….I will work hard for this comeback.

2. [+6][-0] Jennie ❤️

3. [+6][-0] My standard is Hyuna, the most complete idols out of all idols.

4. [+3][-8] + (G)I-DLE Soojin

5. [+3][-3] I came in thinking of Twice Jihyo.