NCT Jungwoo is an All-Time Legend in Terms of Body Proportions

Jungwoo’s beauty is so insane.


1. [+52][-8] His face is legendary too

2. [+51][-7] Legendary proportions

3. [+40][-6] Kim Jungwoo, saranghae..

4. [+22][-1] Speaking of proportions, this pic shocked me the most…

5. [+20][-2] Once you start liking Kim Jungwoo, you don’t notice anyone else apart from him.. He defo has something about him that drives people crazy

6. [+18][-0] This photo shocked me….he’s so tall.

7. [+10][-1] I got goosebumps when I watched the behind the scenes video.. he’s so handsome.. it’s insane.