ITZY’s Light Stick is Prettyyy

I became a fan during this comeback.. But ITZY’s official light ring is out of stock. I did buy tickets for the upcoming concert though.. Isn’t it not so good if I don’t have this at the concert??

It’s pretty so I was gonna buy 1 or 2 because I could use it to decorate my room too, but turns out it’s out of stock.

Where can I buy one?


1. [+17][-0] The design of the light ring is pretty.. and on top of all, the light is strong so you can use it to light up your room too keke

2. [+14][-0] Oh.. Seems better than a normal stick. Kinda feels like Apple? Xiaomi?

3. [+11][-0] JYP really picked their official light sticks well – DAY6’s light band ITZY’s light ring

4. [+9][-0] JYP, please sell merch again ㅠㅠ Especially ITZY merch, I really wanna buy them

5. [+5][-0] Wow that’s really such a fxxking cool idea