NCT Jaehyun’s Bareface

I was just surprised once again while watching their show

He was showing so explicitly how he washes his face, but his face looked exactly the same afterwards.

His bareface almost looks more glamorous

If someone’s good-looking, do their facial features become more prominent after washing up…?

Am I not seeing well…

This looks like his bareface as well. When he took off his hood, I was like wow.


+) Removing his makeup in an ad

Actually removing his makeup in reality

I just feel like his bareface is more handsome,,, awkward


1. [+58][-7] He isn’t just handsome, his face kinda makes people feel nervous.. Do you know what I’m saying? By now, Korea, China, and Japan should be going crazy for him. But compared to Jaehyun’s talents and looks, I feel like he’s not as popular as he should be, when he has everything needed to make China, Japan and the whole of Asia go crazy..

2. [+8][-1] I teared up because he’s too handsome.

3. [+4][-1] His looks just make my heart flutter… Jaehyun ahㅠㅠ

4. [+3][-1] I’m really so curious about the makeup products he uses ㅠㅠ But even if I use the same things, my skin won’t become any fairer right……ㅠㅠ

5. [+1][-0] He’s really fxxking handsome…