Is Baby Sullyoon’s Face Real


1. [+104][-0] At this point I’m freaking curious about her parents’ looks. For real, she has siblings too.

2. [+92][-0] What kind of parents does one have to have in order to be born with a face like that………? I’m genuinely curious. She’s really a doll.

3. [+64][-0] There are many people out there who were pretty and cute when they were a baby, but it’s rare to see someone grow up still looking the same. She really grew up well for real. No plastic surgery at all. I’m jealous of her genes.

4. [+37][-1] Wow.. When she was born, her parents must’ve thought ‘fxxk yes!!!’ the moment they saw her face…

5. [+23][-0] That baby has grown up and she looks like this now.