Yuqi’s Face Kinda Changed a Bit..

In the past whenever I saw her, I’d get a strong feeling that she looks cute. But when I look at her recent pics,

Although she’s still cute, the first thing that comes to mind is – she’s pretty..

Not sure if it’s because she lost a lot of weight during her promotions in China, but her jawline became really sharp.

But the way she talks is still the same as before, so she’s still cute..

Yuqi is just the best, saranghae♥

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1. [+80][-4] I think it’s because she lost a lot of weight. In the past, Soyeon and Yuqi were skinny but their legs, especially their thighs, were not stick-thin like they are now. They lost a lot of weight over the duration of 1 year.

2. [+59][-2] It feels like overall, they became more mature.

3. [+37][-2] She lost a lot of weight.

4. [+12][-1] When she first debuted, it was cuteness + a spoon of beauty. Now, it’s like a spoon of cuteness and beauty each, giving 2 spoons in total haha

5. [+11][-2] All of them matured a lot last year ㅠㅠ Miyeon, Soyeon, Yuqi and Minnie lost a lot of weight.