NCT DREAM Jaemin was Really Insane Indeed…

Wow this is seriously a legendary male idol fancam. Insane. Why did I only discover this now.

His dancing seems gangsta but his visuals seem posh.


1. [+71][-13] No like I thought I was the only one like this. I just have zero interest in NCT as a group and all I thought was – they are quite good-looking – and that’s it. But all of a sudden, Jaemin looks so so handsome that I ended up watching all fancams and variety shows. Shit, is this right?

2. [+65][-10] I became a fan after seeing this Jaemin

3. [+64][-7] The legendary pink hair

4. [+49][-2] If you like cool concepts, I recommend ‘Diggity’.. Na Jaemin is insane

5. [+47][-4] This is legendary

6. [+33][-1] He’s legendary in pink hair.

7. [+26][-0] Our Jaemin-ie is a naturally handsome man ✨