TWICE Nayeon’s Song is Meh Though….

Nayeon is fxxking pretty but don’t you sense that the song’s really low-budget..?

I was really looking forward to it but it’s a shame…


1. [+109][-11] It gives off summer vibes so that’s great but it’s only because it’s Nayeon that’s why people are reacting to the song this way. If it was another not-so-famous idol, I feel like no one will even mention anything close to the song being good.

2. [+92][-5] Tbh, the vibe of the song is nice but it did make me think they should’ve put more effort into it… But still, I like it.

3. [+88][-6] The song’s kinda boring

4. [+34][-0] It’s a bit monotonous. Feels like there’s not much change to the beat.

5. [+30][-1] Tbh I’m only listening to it because it’s Nayeon. The song itself is kinda bad..