Wow NMIXX Sullyoon’s Visuals are Insane

Seriously insane

Sullyoon ah, you’re insane

NMIXX did a busking event at Venice beach

And fancam pics of Sullyoonie are out

Insane Insane Insane

She’s just a doll

There’s no other living doll like her

No like this is so amazing, for real

Where did JYP find such visuals?

He really needs to thank Sullyoonie


Why are the previews so nice ㅠ

Honestly, she has ‘fantasy-romance visuals’ that will leave a mark in the history of K-pop

No but like guys…

How can these pics…

I thought they’re from a fantasy-romance novel

I’m gonna remember LA Sullyoon!!!!!!!!


1. [+45][-17] Seriously, it hasn’t even been long since her debut and she already looks like this. As time passes in the future, I think she’ll get even prettier.. With those visuals, she honestly has so much potential..

2. [+32][-24] She’s the type who looks prettier in pictures compared to videos

3. [+25][-30] She’s pretty but her jaw is meh. She doesn’t look pretty when she smiles.

4. [+23][-4] What’s up with the people with inferior complex in the comments kekekeke Pann who’s only mean to pretty girls.

5. [+18][-3] Wow she really has romance comic visuals indeed