Bye Bye BTS. Returning Back to Reality After Unstanning V.

Live happily with Jennie.

Gotta send you off without any regrets.


1. [+384][-58] Ahh but I’m seriously so sad. While stanning him, I always thought it would be alright even if dating rumors about him breaks out but now that it’s actually happening, I really can’t stand it after seeing the photos. That’s why I decided to just unstan. I deleted all photos of him, but I’ve been a fan of him for 5 years and I’m so disappointed. But still, it’s alright because when I look back, those were indeed very fun times ㅜㅜ I’m not gonna be a K-pop fan from now on, I’ll just.. Ha…

2. [+290][-23] If you were caught traveling with your girlfriend for 3 days and 2 nights right before your comeback, you should feel sorry to your fans, right? I’m sorry I can’t be chill about this..

3. [+260][-253] Looking at those photos, even if you’re intending to unstan I don’t think it’ll work though kekekeke

4. [+189][-4] If you’re an idol, you should be prepared to lose your fans if you’re dating. The idol industry makes money from fans who have feelings of love for idols and even treat them as their bf/gf anyway. There are many fans like that out of those who are obsessed with comeback results, risking their lives streaming music and spending money on hoarding albums, that’s why. Look at Kang Daniel. If you gain, you also lose.

5. [+179][-14] Criticising and mocking people who are unstanning because they’re sad, and hurting them by talking crap like ‘you’re excused’ – what on earth are y’all doing? Really showing off your maturity here..