But is it True that Pretty Girls Don’t Have Male Friends?

My friend is pretty and even if she wants to be friends with guys, the guys either like her or end up breaking the friendship after confessing to her.


1. [+491][-4] They get new ones each time so quality is assured.

2. [+299][-5] Even if they do, these guys are prolly just waiting for a timing to confess kekekeke

3. [+103][-2] Mhm this is a fact kekekeke If a girl is pretty, they can’t stay as friends. Why? Because guys see her as a romantic partner. Kekekekeke That’s why, to find out whether you’re pretty or not, just look at how guys around you behave, and you can roughly tell kekekekeke Guys really treat girls who aren’t good-looking merely like a living thing that’s passing by, not more not less. No matter how much they meet up and hang out, their relationship is not going to progress, not even a tiny bit kekekeke On the other hand, guys will try to make time to meet pretty girls no matter what and when they finally meet they’ll try to confess. This is true.

4. [+81][-1] Even if a girl is not pretty, a shit ton of her male friends will end up confessing kekekekeke I’m really not pretty and I treat my male friends like how I treat my bffs, but one day one of them suddenly scolded me with a confession, it really sucked. That’s why from now on, whenever I hang out with male friends, I will tell them in advance my ideal type or whatnot, and I’ll describe the exact opposite of them. For example, I’ll say something like ‘I don’t consider guys who are not older than me’ (if they are younger than me) kekekeke

5. [+64][-7] Just looking at the comments here, everyone has top visuals in their school. In fact, as long as you have a nice personality and you look like a girl, guys will end up confessing to you. Not only super pretty girls receive confession-attacks – this is a fact.