Why are IVE Gaeul & Haechan So Alike…?

I saw her baby pic and thought it was Haechan… Is that really Gaeul’s baby pic?


1. [+55][-0] I clicked onto this thinking ‘what?’ but they really look exactly the same kekeke Cuteee

2. [+34][-0] Only looking at them when they were young, I’d believe it if I was told they’re siblings

3. [+20][-54] Please mention it’s only when they’re young. I almost sweared when I saw the title.

4. [+3][-0] Haechan, Gaeul and Beomgyu – the 3 of them all looked alike when they were young kekekeke

5. [+3][-0] Even as a fan I got confused…… Surprised..