But NCT Mark’s Face

Really changes so quick depending on the concept

In ‘Candy’, he was literally the cutest in the world

But when I saw his comeback teaser in another unit this time, he looked super sharp

His ability to pull off different concepts is insane


and this is the same person

<original: 이거랑>


and this too

The difference between him wearing and not wearing a cap is huge

Wearing a cap

Not wearing a cap (I was shocked when I saw this)

He’s more good-looking without a cap, but he looks cute with a cap as well..

I’ve been on the edge of becoming a fan of Mark lately, I’m really fond of him.

엔시티 NCT Mark


1. [+75][-2] Mark is even more good-looking with black hair. Let’s wait together, I guarantee

2. [+63][-4] You know quite a bit hmm? I like Mark’s looks too, but I like him more because of his skills and his personality…..

3. [+55][-1] Yup that’s right, that’s why they seem to experiment a lot with Mark’s hair/makeup/outfit. Because he pulls off the concepts well and he expresses them well too

4. [+42][-0] Mark’s ability to pull off concepts is insane ofcㅠㅠ He’s a very good idol on stage, and his personality is like a really really cute kitten..

5. [+25][-2] There’s something amusing about his face, sometimes I think he’s cute, but sometimes he’s really ridiculously… sexy