I’m Curious About Jungkook IRL

Has anyone seen Jungkook irl?? How is he like?? I’m so damn curious. 

The pics below are from their recent concert – does he look like that irl too??


1. [+42][-4] He looks like this. A total prince.

2. [+41][-4] Firstly his physique stood out to me most – his thighs are insane. And when I moved on to look at his face, I was surprised at how beautiful his eyes were, they’re really shiny.

3. [+16][-2] His eyes are really shiny, they twinkle. Also, he looks cute but he’s also super handsome. He greets everyone with a smile on his face. I made eye contact with Jungkookie when he had this facial expression – ㅎuㅎ – and his shiny eyes and aegyo-sal (cute eyebag) and small face and tall nose and cute lips were too beautiful that it shocked me that’s why even after 3 years have passed the way he looked that day still remains vivid in my memory kekekekeke He’s really cute cute cute cute.

4. [+16][-2] I’ve seen him twice and he really looks round!!! When he’s focused on stage you might feel he’s a bit cold but the moment he smiles he’s just a total puppy / a total bunny… The way he speaks is really like a baby… Feels like he’s saying ‘I’m the maknae tho?’, daebak. But his body is the opposite of his cute face… His physique is insane. He’s just perfect.

5. [+14][-2] He looks round and cute and his facial features are very prominent.