Aren’t Y’all Envious of Actors & Actresses?

Their career lifespan is long and they get to collaborate with super good-looking people, I’m just so envious……

Especially actors like Nam Joohyuk who grew famous early on and have several legendary works that are super beautiful and youthful…

I’m so envious of the fact that their young, fresh, beautiful looks remain in amazing youthful works that everyone knows ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

For your reference, everyone go check out ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’. Today’s episode was legendary^^

2521 is legendary…


1. [+262][-5] I get everything OP is tryna say, and I’m also envious of how they kinda get to live life a few times, cus it feels like for every film, they get to live the life of their character in that film.

2. [+225][-3] For real, out of all kinds of celebs, I’m most envious of actors & actresses kekekekekekeke They have a long career lifespan, and once they gain popularity, that will last very long, and they level up too…. It must also be fun to act with super good-looking people.

3. [+96][-9] I fell for Nam Joohyuk recently so I was watching his previous works, and it seems like Nam Joohyuk himself knows that he’s very good-looking kekekekeke Of course it would be even weirder if he didn’t know.. But it’s crazier how he behaves like he knows….. I also dunno what exactly I’m tryna say, I just like Nam Joohyuk..

4. [+85][-4] I feel like Nam Joohyuk really levelled up after 2521.. He’s always been on a higher level compared to actors of the same age, but I kinda feel like 2521 really showcased actor Nam Joohyuk’s true value? Anyway, it’s okay to even say 2521 is his major work – in terms of his acting, and his popularity as well.

5. [+52][-0] I envy Kim Taeri and Nam Joohyuk too, but I’m more envious of the writers of these amazing works, I feel like they’re so amazing kekekekekekeke ‘I don’t need rainbows’ (Nam Joohyuk’s line)….. How do they come up with lines like this…. They’re really so awesome. Yesterday’s ep 9 of 2521 was a legend itself.